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Contrary to what the name of this website implies…. this site covers just about everything related to the Renaissance and not just Renaissance festivals.

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Want some information about Renaissance weddings? There’s a fairly extensive section on everything from vows, speeches, invitation and a lot more.

The Renaissance period is one of the most interesting in history. From the French, the word “Renaissance” means re-birth. Which is a good description of the period. There is no agreement on exactly when the period started or ended, but the general consensus is that it started around 1260 and ended around 1600. Significant advances in art and architecture occurred during this period of history. There were also some major shifts in religion and the power of the church during this period too.

The Renaissance festivals allow you to “go back in time”. Faire-goers, or Rennies, enjoy dressing in the period costumes and speaking in the accent of the times (many do a very poor job at this, but they enjoy it none the less).

You can find information about a Renaissance faires and festivals. This website links directly to the official websites of all the current faires in the U.S. as well as other parts of the world.

Because many people interested in these events are also interested in wearing a period costume, this site has information on those too. You can find Renaissance costume patterns (for those who sew) and a fairly lengthy list of costume books.

Of course the increasing popularity of the Renaissance faires has led to an increase in popularity of Renaissance weddings. There could be volumes written on just this subject alone, but this a a good jumping off point (notice the intentional use of the words “jumping off”)..

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