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I originally published this website in 2004. The website has been a “work in progress” since that time. It started with a simple HTML site showing my wooden tankards and information on a few local Renaissance Festivals. From there I added more information about the actual period of the Renaissance including things like cookbooks and actual recipes from that era.

I had someone ask about Renaissance artists so I added a lot of information about the most prominent Renaissance artists along with a write up on their lives and added a few links to images of some of their most famous/well known works.

When I started getting emails asking questions about things like religion and social changes during the Renaissance I decided to add a lot of information about those things as well as expanding the category into even more sections.

I do make wooden tankards and leather belts and mug straps so I have a sections dedicated to those things. And my wife makes Renaissance clothing so you will see some of her work in the Renaissance Clothing/Costume section.

At about this point in time the site menu got really unwieldy and I had to add some CSS code to make everything look and ‘feel’ right. That worked well but as the site continued to expand I ended up needing even more flexibility so I made the transition to a WordPress site. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we got to where we are today.

I continue to add categories and information to the site but it’s a lot less frequent now. I have resisted the urge to link a Facebook page/group to this site because since the subject is on a past era there’s not a lot of things that change. Of course there are the occasional updates via scientific findings, etc. but for the most part what you see is what you get here and I don’t see any need for ‘social sites’ to discuss what is on this site.

I have a few ideas for additional categories to add at some later date. So if you would like me to add information about a particular topic then please use the Contact Form and let me know so I can add it to my list of future additions.

Some of the links may take you to Amazon. At one point I did receive a few cents when people bought a product I linked to but that is no longer the case. So even though you may be taken to Amazon and you might even buy something, I do not receive any compensation for your purchase. I have not updated the Amazon links because it will take a lot of work and I just don’t have the time. Just so you know, the agreement may be reactivated in the future.

I have had a few questions asking why there are Google ads shown on the site. Well, it costs money to maintain the site. Things like web hosting, paid plugins, website name registration, etc. Trust me when I say the money generated from the site does not cover the expenses to maintain it. When a visitor clicks on an ad they are interested in, I get a few cents (yes, cents not dollars). The ad are there to help me offset some of the expenses.

If you have made it this far, then thank you for your interest.

If you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion regarding this website the please contact me here.

Thank you,


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