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Renaissance Costume Patterns (including Medieval)

There are many different types of Renaissance costume patterns. Since many of these patterns are discontinued or ‘out of print’ when you click on the patterns picture or the pattern number you will be taken to ebay since they nearly always have listings for discontinued Renaissance costume patterns and Medieval costume patterns. The link will open in a new window so you will have to close that window to return here. I have no affiliation with any Renaissance costume pattern maker, I just thought some people would find this as a convenient way of looking at some commercially available patterns.

Most of the time eBay has over 100 Renaissance Costume patterns running. You can get some good prices and also, they have some unusual patterns too. That way you can reduce the likelihood of seeing a costume exactly like yours at the party. I have already put the search in for you, just click here to see all Renaissance patterns on ebay.

Once you get your costume figured out, you may want to check for accessory items like leather belts and mugstraps or wood tankards, or pewter tankards. After all, it’s the little things and attention to detail that makes a really great costume.

Patterns for three different Renaissance Costume pattern manufacturers are listed: McCalls, Simplicity and Butterick.

Many people enjoy making their own Renaissance clothing (men’s and women’s). I am not a seamstress but have been told that some of these are very simple to make.

A lot of the Renaissance clothing had some fairly elaborate patterns in them. Keep in mind that many people use upholstery fabric for their Renaissance garb because they can find some really neat patterns and the cloth is a much heavier material.

You should note that nearly all of these patterns are considered ‘out of print’ by the original manufacturers but due to the magic of eBay you can still purchase them. The images and the text links will take you directly to the eBay page for that particular pattern.


McCalls M4107 SUGGESTED FABRICS: Twill • Gabardine • Silk • Satin • Embroidered Silks and Satins • Dupioni • Home Decorating Fabrics 

McCalls M4696
MISSES’ RENAISSANCE TOPS: Fitted princess line bodice top has square neckline, lacing closures at back and sides with sleeve and trim variations; purchased eyelets, lacing and trim.

McCalls M4805
MEN’S MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE HATS: Package includes patterns and instructions for four different style hats.



McCalls M4806
MISSES’ MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE HATS: Package includes pattern and instructions to make four historical hats, each offered in size Small (21 1 / 2 “), Medium (22 1 / 2 “), Large (23 1 / 2 “)

McCalls Men’s Costume M2802
MEN’S RENAISSANCE COSTUME: Renaissance costume includes surcoat, front laced tunic with or without sleeves, shirt with gathered sleeves and leggings with elastic waist; both style hats, in two sizes, are also included.


McCalls M3653
MISSES’ CAMELOT COSTUMES: Flared dress has princess seams, back zipper, shaped outer sleeves and contrast long sleeves with button trim; costume A has contrast front and lower sleeves; costume B has self lined over sleeves; lined overdress B has side front and side back seams and loops and purchased lacing; all garments have purchased trim.

McCalls M3658
MEN’S CAMELOT COSTUMES: Lined cape has purchased cord for drawstring; pullover tunic in two lengths has side slits and contrast applique; pullover top has long sleeves; pullover hood is lined; belt has top-stitching; pants have elastic at waist; self-lined leg armors have elastic and back VELCRO® closure; self-lined helmet has purchased nailheads or studs.

McCalls M3797
MISSES’ RENAISSANCE COSTUMES: Dress A, B or C has self-lined empire bodice with bust gathers, princess seamed skirt, back zipper closure, back loops with lacing and sleeve variations; self-lined weskit D has front and back darts, shawl collar, shaped waistline and hook and eye closure.

McCalls M4041
MISSES’ MEDIEVAL COSTUME: Semi-fitted, flared gown, evening length, has front opening with eyes or rings and lacing, contrast upper and lower sleeves, cuffs and purchased trim; reversible undergarment with princess seams has eyelet and lacing closure; contrast lined hat has wire antennas, veil and purchased trim.

McCalls M4090
MISSES’ RENAISSANCE SKIRTS: Flared skirt, floor length, has waistband, gathers and back lacing; skirt B has contrast skirt; skirt C has contrast front; skirt B and C have purchased ribbon trim; skirt D has contrast side front, back and flounces.

McCalls M4091
MISSES’ CHEMISE IN TWO LENGTHS: Very loose fitting, pullover, slightly flared chemise, below hip length or floor length, has longer than regular length sleeve variations and purchased cord or ribbon drawstring for neck and sleeves; chemise A, B and C have purchased trim.

McCalls M8937
CHILDREN’S, GIRLS’ AND MISSES’ MEDIEVAL COSTUMES: e Contains patterns for gown, vest, belt and hat (costume A): gown, vest and hat (costume B): gown, vest and cape (costume C).

McCalls M3663
MISSES’ MEDIEVAL COSTUMES: Cape A has contrast lined hood and sleeves, ribbon ties and ribbon trim; dress A, B or C has front and back yokes, princess seams, back zipper closure, sleeve and trim variations.

Simplicity 5582
Sizes: 4 to 20 Misses Renaissance Dresses



Simplicity 5925



Sizes: Men XS to XL (30 to 48) Mens Renaissance Costumes

Simplicity 7756
Sizes: 4 to 20 Misses Renaissance Costumes



Simplicity 8192


Sizes: 4 to 20 Misses Renaissance Dresses

Simplicity 8587


Sizes: Unisex XS to XL (30 to 48) Misses, Mens & Teens Renaissance Costumes

Simplicity 8715


Sizes: 4 to 20 Misses Renaissance Dresses

Simplicity 9929


Sizes: 6 to 20 Misses Renaissance Faire Maiden Costumes

McCalls M4695
MEN’S RENAISSANCE DOUBLETS: Fitted, stand-up collar, peplum, cap sleeve has frog closures; sleeve variations with purchased eyelets, lacing and trimming.


Simplicity 8881
Misses Costume: Elizabethan Dress, Size: 6-20



Simplicity 9966
Misses Renaissance Fantasy Costume
Size: 6-20



Simplicity 9531
Misses Renaissance Dress
Size: 6-20



Simplicity 4923
Mens Pirate Costume
Size: XS-XL



Simplicity 5794
Misses Capes



McCalls 3789
KIDS (7-8) (10-12) (14)



Misses Costume B3552
Butterick 3552
Misses Costume
Size 6-22




Butterick 3894
MENS Pirate Costume
Size XS-L



Butterick 3906
Misses/Misses Petite
Size 6-22



Butterick 4483
Misses Renaissance Wench Costume
Size 6-20



Butterick 4486
Mens/Misses Shirts



Butterick 4540
Misses Dress
Size 8-22



Men's Costume B4541
Butterick 4541
Mens Musketeer Costume
Size 34-44



Burda 2509
Dress close fitting with a full, wide skirt with a tight waistband and sewn-on apron. Includes the short blouse and head dress.



Burda 2479
Pattern includes both Noble Renaissance Court Empress and Peasant Washerwoman.



Butterick 3805
Includes patterns for four different hats. These include a veiled Renaissance hat, two feathered hats and one American frontier bonnet. Each hat style is available in three sizes; Small, Medium & Large. All hats are lined.

Butterick 4154
Patterns for three outfits: Victorian/Edwardian, Colonial and Medieval/Renaissance periods.


Butterick 4157
Braided ropes, lined hats, jabot or cravat, bustle, bustle drape, pannier and ribbon men’s garter.


Butterick 4375
Noble Court Gown




Butterick 4377
Renaissance/Medieval Wedding gown. Includes hooded cape.

Butterick 4571
Medieval/Renaissance Nobility Gown



Butterick 4669
Bodice and/or corset.




Butterick 4827
Medieval Princess Maiden Dress/Gown Patterns.

Butterick 5114



Butterick 5440




Butterick 5441




Butterick 5655






Butterick 6198





Butterick 6751




McCalls 2243




McCalls 2663


McCalls 2793



McCalls 2806




McCalls 2810





McCalls 3053





McCalls 3315




McCalls 3372






McCalls 3869



McCalls 4028


McCalls 4089





McCalls 4090


McCalls 4107






McCalls 4340


McCalls 4378




McCalls 4414







McCalls 4490



McCalls 4491




McCalls 4492


McCalls 4696




McCalls 4861





McCalls 4889


McCalls 4994





McCalls 4997


McCalls 5003




McCalls 5155







McCalls 5444


McCalls 5497








McCalls 5499


McCalls 5647









McCalls 8826



McCalls 9427




Simplicity 1728



Simplicity 1771


Simplicity 1773




Simplicity 2573






Simplicity 2589




Simplicity 2621




Simplicity 3782




Simplicity 3809


Simplicity 3812





Simplicity 4488



Simplicity 4508





Simplicity 4731


Simplicity 5582







Simplicity 5922



Simplicity 8249





Simplicity 8725



Simplicity 8728




Simplicity 8735





Simplicity 8855


Simplicity 9058



Simplicity 9228


Simplicity 9246





Simplicity 9255


Simplicity 9256




Simplicity 9533




Simplicity 9753






Simplicity 9832




Simplicity 9891


Simplicity 5794







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