Costume Sellers

Costume Sellers

The very widest selection of Renaissance costumes can be found on Ebay. I have NEVER found a costume website that did not also have the same products on Ebay. And you get a little extra protection with Ebay since you have the ability to leave negative feedback if anything goes wrong (something you cannot do if you buy directly from the website).

If you can buy the same item for the same price on Ebay then I believe that’s the best thing to do. It costs you no more and you get a little extra protection. Win, win.

And I’m NOT talking about buying the item through an auction. Nearly all of costume/clothing sellers have a ‘Buy it now" price so you don’t have to get involved in an auction unless you really want to.

If you are not currently an Ebay user, then go here It’s a secure link (notice that it says https://, the ‘s’ means you are at a secure website). It takes less than 60 seconds to become a registerd user and its free.

I have bought lots of things off of ebay. I have never had a problem with shipments or incorrect product descriptions. I always use Paypal for payment and I always use a credit card for payment. I guess I’m a little conservative so I use the credit card so I can dispute any charges for product I never received. Good in theory but, as I said, I have never had a problem.

I only buy from sellers who have a feedback rating of close to 100% positive (and I mean VERY close to 100%). If the seller has had complaints in the past (negative feedback) then why take a chance? There are plenty of sellers out there with outstanding reputations. If you do not like buying on ebay then I highly recommend you check this site, you will not be disappointed.

What you have on this page is a lot of saved searches for the most common Renaissance costumes and the costume accessories. Click the link is all you have to do.

There will be some duplications due to sellers using a lot of the same, most popular keywords in their listings. Hey, they know that more people looking means more people bidding. And more people bidding means higher prices for them.

At the very least you should check out She used to sell exclusively on ebay but has since designed her own website. Very impressive stuff there. She makes truly outstanding clothing. These garments are extremely well made and are of the highest quality. They are NOT the cheap costume quality you will find by some sellers. She uses only high quality fabric, the descriptions are very accurate and my favorite is that she takes a lot of high quality photos so you can get a really good idea as to how the garment looks.

Now, getting back to ebay, if you’re not registered with eBay, it’s a simple process and takes less than a minute.

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Renaissance Dress Note that this is a very broad category and you will get a LOT of items listed. Most of the time there are over 500 listings for this category.

Renaissance Bodice

Not ebay but my favorite clothing website. Without a doubt, the very best.

Renaissance Chemise

Renaissance Corset

Renaissance Shirt This is a very popular search term.

Renaissance Shoes

Renaissance Gown. This is one of the most popular search terms when people are looking for Renaissance clothing.

Medieval Costume
This is the second most searched for term when looking for renaissance wear.

Pirate Costume I guess we can give Johnny Depp credit for the increased popularity of this one.

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