Best Man Speech

One of the most important duties of the best man comes at the wedding reception when he has to give the traditional best man speech. Hopefully, the best man will not be of a shy and nervous personality since he will be commanding the attention of all the wedding guests. However, the hardest part may actually be the writing of the speech rather than the delivery of it.

Much like any other speech, there are three basic parts: the beginning, middle, and closing points. As a best man, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions before you decide on what to say. Think about how well you know the new bride and groom, and why you were asked to be the best man. Come up with a few nice descriptive words for the bride and groom. Think about how the groom has changed (if any) since he got engaged. Don’t forget to include how the couple met and mention if the groom talked to you about her. Of course, some fun little anecedotes about the type of people the new couple are is also a lot of fun.

When you add these all together, you can make a great best man speech. As you are thinking about the above questions, you may even realize that the speech is almost writing itself. You want to write a speech that makes people laugh, as well as shed a happy tear or two. Most of all, keep your audience captive.

As you open your speech on the big day, introduce yourself to the crowd, as surely not everyone will know who you are. You should also thank the friends or relatives that are hosting the nuptials. If the couple is paying for the whole wedding, you should include a thank you to them, and a statement that you are glad to be part of this very important day. You should save the jokes for later in the speech.

The middle of the speech is where you can relate some stories you may know about either the bride or groom. If you know one of them better than the other, do your best to keep the anecdotes and toasts equal. This is where you can share your funny stories about them. Keep these amusing but not humiliating. Also, make sure your speech is at least PG rated, as there will probably be children present. Don’t drone on and on. Keep things short and entertaining so the crowd doesn’t become bored.

In closing, end your speech with a sentimental toast to the happy couple, wishing them a lifetime of happiness. Raise your glass while speaking and don’t forget to drink to your own toast.

If you’re nervous, make a few quick notes and have those nearby for when you make the official speech. Try not to read directly from the notes but instead use them as a guide in case you happen to forget some of the points you wanted to make. Another good tip is to try and refrain from drinking too much until the speech is over. It’s never a good idea to be drunk in front of a crowd in your most important moment of the wedding.

When the time comes for you to give your toast, stand straight and proud, speak clearly and loudly, and stay calm. There is a reason the couple choose you to be their best man on such an important day, so take pride in that fact and enjoy your moment.

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