Wedding Vows

When you get married, the exchange of the vows is one of the most important parts of the ceremony. It’s your chance to tell your future husband or wife how you feel, and to express your personal goals for the marriage. Today’s more modern weddings allow the bride and groom to choose their own wedding vows or they can write them themselves.

It is not always possible or allowed to write your own vows completely. In some religious or traditional ceremonies you are bound to certain vows, although it might be possible to add your own personal view. Also, by law you might have to say certain words or sentences to make the wedding legal, depending on where you are getting married.

Civil ceremonies are a little bit different, and you might be able to use more freedom when you write your wedding vows. Sometimes you may still have to include certain words, but you can decide how long or short or how silly or heartwarming your vows should be. It’s a good idea to create a rough draft of the vows in advance so you can “tweak” them until they are exactly what you want.

The best way to do this is to start reading books on how to write vows, and to check on the Internet for ideas on what to say. Even those who must recite a set vow may be able to add on a personalized spin, so make sure to discuss this with the person or church that will be performing the ceremony to see what is permitted.

If this is not your first marriage, and there are children from a previous marriage, you could choose to include the children in your wedding vows. What you would like to say, and how you could include them in the ceremony very much depends on their age. You can address them in your vows, for example by calling their names and declaring that they will be a big part of your marriage, or that you will look after your partner’s children as best as you can.

Renewing your marriage vows is also a very popular activity today that some people do on their anniversary, or after making it through a hard time together. Since you will be legally married still, you do not have to repeat any legal words. Because of this, you will be able to come up with whatever words you choose for your vows.

One thing to remember is to practice your vows beforehand. Rehearse them over and over again, until you can dream them. This will help you on the day, as you might be nervous. It would also be a good idea to give a photocopy of your vows to a friend or family member, just in case you get stuck, which is unlikely to happen.

Just remember that you can say whatever is on your mind when you’re creating your own wedding vows. Try to express your feelings as honestly as you like. Sincerity is important so choose wording that really shows your new bride or groom how you truly feel. Keep in mind that this is a moment both of you will never forget, and shows everyone your dedication to each other for the rest of your lives.

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