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Can humanity survive?

The people the pandemic left behind are not quite normal. They are different somehow.

Danny is a survivor.

Not just of the pandemic that ravaged the world, but afterward too, when it takes more than just luck.

With no technology the world is dark and with 98% of the people dead, it’s lawless.

She lives in her increasingly dangerous Texas neighborhood with her friend Sam. They’re a team. You do whatever it takes to survive and they are very good at it. Whatever the situation demands…

They were lucky to be alive after Isaiah and his men had found them. Do whatever it takes… But now Isaiah and his men wanted them dead. They were being hunted.They have to leave.

Leaving a familiar place is dangerous but Sam is looking forward to it. Getting out of dangerous situations proves something to Sam. It proves how the once chubby nerd has morphed into something of a badass. It’s not normal.

She thinks it’s her secret.

Isiah knows the pandemic left the world for him to rule. His group of followers is growing. Promise him total loyalty and you can join. Refuse and you die. If you join and then desert, he will hunt you down.

He is hunting two deserters from Texas now. They will pay with their lives. There is no rush, time is on his side. He will find them.

Troop of Shadows is the first book in the Troop of Shadows Chronicles. The series captures the lives of groups of people surviving in different parts of the United States. The dangers are not always the same. If you love post-apocalyptic fiction, surviving in a nearly dead world, twists and unexpected turns along the way then you will love Nicki Huntsman Smith’s Troop of Shadows Chronicles.

Buy Troop of Shadows to witness humanities best vs its worst in a post-apocalyptic world

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