Renaissance Faire Information, Dates and Locations

Renaissance Festivals located in the United States

For those curious how popular Renaissance Faires and festivals are, there’s a world map below the U.S. map showing faires in other countries.

If there is a faire that I have missed, please use the Contact Form to let me know. All I need is the state and faire name. It will take you less than a minute!

US map with renfaires Placeholder
US map with renfaires

This is an alphabetical list of the Renaissance Festivals in the above map sorted by Faire name:
Alabama Renaissance Faire
Albuquergue Renaissance Faire
All Hallows Fantasy Faire
Alls Faire
Annual Harvest Faire
Arizona Renaissance Festival
Ashville Viking Festival
Avalon Faire
Bay Area Renaissance Festival at MOSI
Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival
Blackbeard Pirate Festival
BlackHawk Manor Festival
Bristol Renaissance Faire
California City Renaissance & Fantasy Faire
Camelot Days
Canterbury Renaissance Faire
Carolina Renaissance Festival
Celtic Festival & Highland Games
Celtic Fling and Highland Games
Central Missouri Renaissance Festival
Colorado Renaissance Festival
Des Moines Renaissance Faire
Door County Renaissance Fantasy Faire
Eastport Pirate Festival
Enchanted Chalice Renaissance Faire
Enchanted Lakes Renaissance Faire
Estrella War XXX
Fairy Festival
Fingerlakes Celtic Festival
Fishers Renaissance Faire
Florida Renaissance Festival
Fort Bragg Renaissance Faire
Four Winds Masque Ball
Four Winds Renaissance Faire
Gasparilla Pirate Festival
Georgia Renaissance Festival
Gloucester Renaissance Festival
Grand Lake Renaissance Festival
Great Lakes Medieval Faire
Great Plains Renaissance Festival
Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire
Gulf Wars XXIV
Gulfport Faerie Festival
Highland Renaissance Festival
Hoggetowne Medieval Faire
Iowa Renaissance Festival
John LeVique Pirate Days
Kansas City Renaissance Festival
Kansas City Scottish Highland Games
Kern County Scottish Gathering & Games
King Richard’s Faire
Kiwanis Medieval Faire
Korenburg Old World Renaissance Festival
Lakewood Lions Charity Renaissance Faire
Las Vegas Celtic Gathering & Highland Games
Lilies War XXVII
Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Festival
Louisiana Renaissance Festival
Medieval and Renaissance Faire at Ohio State University
Medieval Faire at Norman
Medieval Mayhem
Michiana Renaissance Festival
Michigan Renaissance Festival
Midlands Pirate Festival
Mid-South Renaissance Faire
Minnesota Renaissance Festival
Montana Renaissance Festival
Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival
Nebraska Renaissance Faire
New Jersey Renaissance Faire
New York Renaissance Festival
Northwest Renaissance Festival
Ohio Renaissance Festival
Oklahoma Renaissance Festival at the Central Castle at Muskogee
Oregon Renaissance Festival at Hillsboro
Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games & Clan Gathering
Pennsic Wars
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
Pensic Wars (SCA)
Pirate Fest
Ren in the Glen Faire
Renaissance and Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks
Renaissance Feast
Road To Reno Celtic Celebration
Santa Fe Renaissance Faire
Scarborough Renaissance Festival
Sherwood Renaissance Festival
Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire
Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival
Siouxland Renaissance Festival
Smithville Renaissance Faire
Sonora Celtic Faire
South Mississippi Renaissance Faire
Southampton Renaissance Festival
Spokane Renaissance Faire
Spring Fairy Festival
St. Andrew’s Highland Games
St. Louis Renaissance Faire
Stone Mountain Highland Games
Stone Tower Glenn Renaissance Festival
Tennessee Medieval Faire
Tennessee Renaissance Festival
Texarkana Renaissance Faire
Texas Pirate Festival
Texas Renaissance Festival
Th’ Gatherin’ Ancient Festival O’Beltane
The Brass Thing XV Renaissance Faire
The Maryland Renaissance Festival
The Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park
The New Hampshire Highland Games
The New Hampshire Renaissance Faire
Tybee Island Pirate Fest
Utah Winter Faire
Village Renaissance Faire
Virginia Renaissance Faire
Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire
Wichita Highland Games and Celtic Festival

Wild Renn Festival

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World Map Placeholder
World Map

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