I offer five different “styles” of tankards. Walnut, Oak, Maple, Walnut and Maple combination and Walnut and Oak combination.

All tankards are also offered in three sizes. The Large is about 24 ounces, the pint is, well… about a pint, and the half pint is about 8 ounces. All tankards are guaranteed for life.

Walnut is my most popular tankard. These  Walnut tankards are made from U.S.A. grown Walnut. The grain and color you see on these tankards is exactly what Mother intended for you to see. I don’t use any stains or any other “color enhancements” on any of my tankards. You are seeing  the natural beauty of the Walnut grain.

Walnut Tankards

Made from U.S.A. grown hardwood Oak. I buy all the wood I use for the tankards directly from the mill. I consider Oak to be a “medium” grain wood, That’s why the grain “pops” . The reason for the alternating dark and light rings is because I alternate the rings 90 degrees for each ring. So on one ring you are seeing “end grain” and on the ones above and below, you are seeing “side grain”.

Oak Tankards

Maple is without a doubt, the hardest grained wood I use. The grain is exceptionally tight and is hardly noticeable. the difference in the light and dark rings is because I alternate each ring so one ring is showing end grain and the one below and above is showing side grain. The effect alternates every 90 degrees.

Maple Tankards

Walnut and Maple combination tankard. The contrast between the dark Walnut and the exceptionally light Maple is striking. The grain in the Walnut is very noticeable and the grain in the Maple is barely noticeable (Maple is a very hard wood with especially tight grain patterns).

Walnut and Maple Tankards

Walnut and Oak combination tankard. This is the second most popular tankard I sell. Made from the two darkest woods I use. They are both medium grained woods so you can easily see the grain patterns in each wood.  People really like the contrast between the colors. Notice how you can see the grain in the Oak compared to the image above where the grain in the Maple is hard to see.

Walnut and Oak Tankards